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Villa Management

Villa Inspections

Full accurate scanning of the property is occured in the first place, in order to be assured a fine accommodation environment that includes all the essential equipment and amenities, while inspections on a regular basis are more than a guarantee for keeping the high-end level of premises and human resources up-to-date.

Lodge Decor & Features

Owners that wish to turn their brand-new villa into a luxury vacation rental, trust our extended hospitality experience and passion in accommodating guests.

They give us the chance to plan and set all the furnishing and facilities that the property must include, in order to meet the international lodging standards.

Financial Planning & Reporting

From the first moment, after the essential initial inspection has taken place, our mission is to estimate the total expenses as well as the value of the property, in order a suitable rate to be set. Furthermore, we offer the owners timeless support by reporting them the local market prices statistics, aiming to keep rates competitive.

Digital Marketing & Promotion

Nowadays, it is of major importance the lodge to be analytically and accurately presented on the internet.

We put maximum effort in collecting all the proper material and demonstrate it through the social media and worldwide travel portals, as well as international tourism exhibitions.

Reservations Management

Our powerful skills and experience in handling the reservation systems of the worldwide online booking engines, ensure that availability is always up-to-date.

Moreover, our consulting in setting secure payment methods by cooperating with the most reliable credit institutions, offers to both the owners and their guests peace of mind.